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"I really liked working at Peaberry restaurant as a waitress. People were lovely, the staff helped me in everything I needed. I learnt a lot and I practised my English very much."

- Maria M., Spain - December 2016

"The experience has been very good because I met many people and they liked to talk with me and help me with my English. So I think it has been very useful for me to improve my English."

- Pietro, Italy - December 2016

"For me how you cared about me was really great. All the time I felt I could come and speak to you if I had any problems. Thank you for everything!"

- Anna, Germany - November 2016

"I practised a lot my English and I learnt about another culture. I think my English has improved a lot. All people there were so nice and friendly. The greatest experience you will ever have!"

- Xenia, Spain - November 2016

"I really enjoyed the time I had in Shrewsbury and I think that I really made progress with my English. Thank you for the good organization! "

- Luisa, Switzerland - November 2016

"Thank you for the opportunity you gave to me, for all the things you did and continue to do for guys like me. Your work is important and I am very happy to meet you in Shrewsbury, hoping to return to your beautiful city one day. I'll remember this experience for all my life."

- Stefano, Italy - November 2016