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Student Experiences


Coffee Break for Constanze

Constanze Reinalter from Austria attends a bi-lingual business college in Vienna where all classes are held in German and English.  After university, she would like to run an Art Gallery and her spare time, she enjoys sports and photography.

She visited Shrewsbury with a group from her college and worked at The Bird's Nest Café. The café is situated in a busy indoor market in Shrewsbury that serves great coffee and healthy, organic food.  They also have occasional live music and support local groups such as poetry reading and book clubs.

Constanze  said of the work –

"The Birds Nest Café is the perfect place to gain work experience. You get to speak to customers and it helps you to improve your English a lot. The staff is super nice and very caring. I enjoyed my 3 weeks at the Café and can only recommend it to anyone who visits Shrewsbury”.

Constanze stayed with Julie Rowlands and her family in their home close to Shrewsbury.  She said -

“Julie Rowlands and her sons are the loveliest and funniest people I got to meet on my Trip. I felt comfortable straight from the beginning. The food was amazing and I had my own room with a big bed and my own bathroom. Julie took me to a lot of places (e.g. Wales) and always made sure I felt like home. The 3 weeks have gone by so quickly and I'm sad that I have to leave. I'm hoping to stay in contact and to see them again soon.”

Julie said after reading Constanze’s email –

“I just read that and it made me have another few tears. I really did love having her and the time went by so quickly."


Some Shopping Therapy for Milica Djordjevic

Milica Djordjevic worked at the Relate Shop which sells vintage clothing and goods for charity.

Mili said “I loved my job! The manager Suzanne Cooper was amazing. She explained exactly what I had to do by showing it. I enjoyed working at the till. It was a very good way communicating with lots of different people.

That was a successful work experience! I will never forget the time I spent in Shrewsbury. Not only has my English improved, but I also gathered much experience. I had a lot of fun at work.”  


Keen as Mustard – Miriam at The Peach Tree Restaurant in Shrewsbury

Miriam More was studying business economics, accounting and marketing in Vienna when she decided to take part in a works programme with SEE.  

Miriam says that her school gives her the opportunity to learn communication skills and although not sure what she wants to study in the future, she would like to run her own business.

Miriam worked at The Peach Tree Restaurant where staff said she worked hard and fitted in well with the other staff.  

Miriam said “I really loved my work place, even if it was quite overwhelming at the beginning. But as soon as I got the hang I really liked working with some of my colleagues and I especially liked that I really had a lot to do at the restaurant, so I got to see into the world of working people.”










Example Student Experience

Example Student Experience

Date: 3rd November 2016